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Sensory Mechanism: TPing

In order to support algorithms that are efficient at exploiting network resources, we have implemented a sensory system based on what we call TPing (named after the unix ping command). As described in the IP Address Map section above, after every million instructions, each machine sends a TPing request message to each machine on its IPMap list. The target machine responds by sending a message containing a TPingData structure:

struct TPingData {
    I32u Fresh;
    I32s Speed;
    I32s NumCells;
    I32s SoupSize;
    I32u TransitTime;
    I32u Time;
    Event InstExec;
    Event InstExecConnect;
    I32s OS;

The components of this structure are listed below:

Thomas S.Ray
Tue Jan 14 16:09:05 JST 1997