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Evolutionary Patterns in Four Different Worlds

The four worlds differ in the characteristics of the underlying genetic system, the machine language. In fact, the four languages differ only subtly, yet the rates, degrees and patterns of evolution vary widely among them.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to conclude from these data, which specific differences in the machine languages are responsible for specific differences in the evolutions. This would require carefully controlled studies in which specific individual features of the machine languages are varied independently to determine the effects of those differences on evolution. These would be studies to determine the elements of evolvability in genetic systems. The current study was not designed in this fashion.

What we can conclude from the data available is that many features of the evolutionary process are sensitive to the characteristics of the underlying genetic system. It is also interesting to note that the greatest levels of optimization occurred in those systems in which punctuations at least some times were present.

Thomas S.Ray
Thu Aug 3 13:06:00 JST 1995