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APPENDIX A: Getting the Tierra System

The complete source code and documentation (but not executables) is available by anonymous ftp at: [] and []
the file: tierra/tierra.tar.Z

To get it, ftp to tierra or life, log in as user ``anonymous'' and give your email address (eg. as a password. Change to the tierra directory and get tierra.tar.Z, a compressed tar file. Be sure to transfer in binary mode. It will expand into the complete directory structure with the following commands (Unix only):

uncompress tierra.tar.Z
tar oxvf tierra.tar

The source code compiles and runs on either DOS or UNIX systems (and some others). If you do not have ftp access, the complete UNIX/DOS system is also available on DOS disks with an easy installation program. For the disk set, contact the author.

Thomas S.Ray
Thu Aug 3 13:06:00 JST 1995