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Evolutionary runs of the simulator are begun by inoculating the soup of about 60,000 instructions with a single individual of the 80 instruction ancestral genotype. The passage of time in a run is measured in terms of how many Tierran instructions have been executed by the simulator. The original ancestral cell executes 839 instructions in its first replication, and 813 for each additional replication. The initial cell and its replicating daughters rapidly fill the soup memory to the threshold level of 80% which starts the reaper. Typically, the system executes about 400,000 instructions in filling up the soup with about 375 individuals of size 80 (and their gestating daughter cells). Once the reaper begins, the memory remains roughly 80% filled with creatures for the remainder of the run.

Thomas S.Ray
Thu Aug 3 15:47:29 JST 1995