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Mortality --- The Reaper

Self-replicating creatures in a fixed size soup would rapidly fill the soup and lock up the system. To prevent this from occurring, it is necessary to include mortality. The Tierran operating system includes a ``reaper'' which begins ``killing'' creatures from a queue when the memory fills to some specified level (e.g., 80%). Creatures are killed by deallocating their memory, and removing them from both the reaper and slicer queues. Their ``dead'' code is not removed from the soup.

In the present system, the reaper uses a linear queue. When a creature is born it enters the bottom of the queue. The reaper always kills the creature at the top of the queue. However, individuals may move up or down in the reaper queue according to their success or failure at executing certain instructions. When a creature executes an instruction that generates an error condition, it moves one position up the queue, as long as the individual ahead of it in the queue has not accumulated a greater number of errors. Two of the instructions are somewhat difficult to execute without generating an error, therefore successful execution of these instructions moves the creature down the reaper queue one position, as long as it has not accumulated more errors than the creature below it.

The effect of the reaper queue is to cause algorithms which are fundamentally flawed to rise to the top of the queue and die. Vigorous algorithms have a greater longevity, but in general, the probability of death increases with age.

Thomas S.Ray
Thu Aug 3 15:47:29 JST 1995