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A network experiment

In preparation for the workshop, Tom solicited the use of CPUs from a number of institutions around the world, to run a moderate sized network Tierra during the workshop. The main idea was to have something running that Tsutomu could experiment with as a part of his security review. As it turned out, Tsutomu did not want to do this during the workshop. However, it provided an opportunity to experiment with setting up a moderate sized network, which had not been done before.

The following persons and institutions responded: Eduardo Sanchez of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Ecole Polytechnique Federale) in Lausanne Switzerland offered 20 Sparcstations. Lucke Steels and Christophe Wouters of the Free University of Brussells offered 11 Suns. Michael Davis of the University of Delaware offered 23 Suns. Chuck Taylor, Yu Cao and Chris Ferguson of UCLA Biology offered 9 Suns and 7 rs6000s. Dave Cliff and Sharon Groves of Sussex University Cognitive Sciences offered 20 Suns. Santa Fe Institute provided 20 Suns. ATR in Japan provided 20 Suns. We did not use all the machines that were offered, but it was heartening to get such a good response to the request, and we are deeply grateful. We hope that these machines will be available for future tests as the development process continues.

Thomas S.Ray
Tue Aug 1 12:33:30 JST 1995