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The status of ports of Tierra to the different platforms

Each of the five developers, Roger (Windows), Matt (Mac), Jeremy (DOS, Linux), Kurt (CM5), and Joseph (Amiga) reported on the status of the port to their platform. In essence, Tierra has been fully ported to all the relevant platforms. In the course of discussion, it was decided to stop supporting the DOS and CM5 platforms. Jeremy will then maintain the Linux platform, and Kurt will look into porting to some other parallel machines. While we have new ports to Windows, Mac, Linux, and Amiga, at the time of the workshop, they still existed as five versions modified from a common source code. After the workshop, the original source code was passed among the developers and the five versions were integrated into a single version of the source code that compiles down to the different platforms.

Thomas S.Ray
Tue Aug 1 12:33:30 JST 1995