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The status of ports of Tierra to the different platforms

Most of the developers reported that the network version of Tierra had been fully implemented on their platform. These platforms included: Unix, Linux, Amiga, Mac, VMS. As Walter had just joined the group he had not had the opportunity to complete the Windows95 port, but it can be expected in the next few months. Walter has also agreed to support Windows NT. Will Rose had gotten the non-network version to run under OS/2. Most developers demonstrated Tierra running on their platform.

As an experiment, we tried to get network Tierra running simultaneously on as many platforms as possible. We were able to run it on Unix, Mac and VMS. We discovered that the Mac version could send messages to other platforms, but could not receive them. Matt is looking into the problem.

Thomas S.Ray
Fri Jun 7 09:21:45 JST 1996