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Demonstration of new Tierra frontend

Tsukasa-san demonstrated the new Tierra frontend which he has developed. It runs as a separate process, and communicates with the Tierra process via sockets. It provides all the functionality of the Tierra basic frontend, in terms of the ability to both control and observe the Tierra process. In addition, it includes the overview display, and some new observational abilities.

As it is an independent program we have decided to name it Beagle. It is considered to be a replacement for the original DOS Beagle program. Although it presently has none of the same functionalities of the original DOS Beagle, it will eventually absorb all of those functions.

We intend to drop the overview tool, and remove its code from Tierra, as it functionality has been replaced by Beagle.

Thomas S.Ray
Fri Jun 7 09:21:45 JST 1996