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How to generalize the Tierra interface across platforms

The new Beagle program uses Tcl/Tk to provide its GUI, because Tcl/Tk is free software, and has been ported to all of the major platforms. However, most of the developers expressed a preference for implementing the GUI with the tools native to their system. So it was agreed to proceed in that manner. Tsukasa-san agreed to work with Will and to attempt to create a clearly defined API for Beagle by the end of March. This API will specify an interface that governs how a frontend sends and receives data from a running Tierra kernel, and should be generic enough to permit both local and remote communications with a frontend program. Once that work is complete, each developer will begin the task of porting Beagle to their platform using their native GUI tools. Many of the important analytical tools developed in the DOS Beagle program will be ported to a fully portable, ANSI C library of routines that can be used by frontend developers for consistency of data presentation among platforms.

Thomas S.Ray
Fri Jun 7 09:21:45 JST 1996