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Manor Askenazi's efforts to subvert Tierra

Manor has taken up the challenge of developing methods to subvert the biodiversity reserve for digital organisms by attempting to industrialize it. He is looking for ways to replace the wild digital organisms in the reserve with application code, a potential security threat first pointed out by Tsutomu Shimomura at the first Tierra Workshop.

Manor is not interested in using the technique suggested by Tom, of setting up a trojan node that would flood the net with application code. Rather he is interested in what he considers to be the more elegant technique originally suggested by Tsutomu, that hand crafted digital organisms carrying application codes could be introduced that would be able to out-compete and replace the wild organisms.

Manor has been working with an approach of first preparing the ground, by bull-dozing out the wild organisms. He is using highly optimized fast replicators that will out-compete any wild organisms, and then commit suicide, leaving empty soups into which the application burdened organisms can move unchallenged.

However, he has discovered that under natural conditions, behaviors such as suicide evolve out before the subversion can be comleted. So far the strategy has not been successful.

Thomas S.Ray
Fri Jun 7 09:21:45 JST 1996