Note: I have received a message from a user telling me that SimTel has reorganized the ftp site, with a newer version of the compiler, so that the file names I list are unrecognizable. If anyone can provide more up-to-date information, please send it to me.

First get the following files from the directory /SimTel/dos/djgpp after FTPing to   (optional, tex-info document reader)   (optional, gzip compression/decompression)
There are a bunch of other files for all kinds of other optional packages, and this is pretty minimal.

Once you have the files, put them all in a directory c:\djgpp and type

pkunzip -d -o .zip
for all the files. I am assuming you have pkunzip and that it is in your path, if not the the file 'unzip386' from (in the same directory) and do 'unzip386 -o .zip'

Check you config.sys, if you and a line FILES=X, and X is less then 15 or you don't have a FILES= line, add a FILES=15. Also if you have a SHELL= line, make sure it looks something like this

shell=c:\ c:\ /e:X /p
where X>=1000, if not add one. Finnaly add the line
set DJGPP=c:/djgpp/djgpp.env
to your autoexec.bat

That should do it. You might want to add /djgpp/bin to you path, in fact I think you almost have to.